Re-roofing ? What to expect during the process

Roofing your home may seem like a large undertaking. We would like to provide you with information and put at ease with the process. Perhaps your concern comes from witnessing "XYZ Roofing" roof a neighbors home, and taking week or longer to complete an average size roof? You may be concerned about having various people you dont know, coming and going around your housefor that length of time.

Tear Off Vs. Overlay

The question often comes up about whether an existing composition shingle roof should be torn off or if an overlay (or recover) is possible. Overlays save on time, labor, and disposal costs. If the existing roof has only one layer, lays flat, and there aren't any problems with the roof deck, removal is not necessary.

How do I know which color will look best on my home?

How do I know which color will look best on my home?

Choosing extrior colors for your home is tough decision, and one that you will live with many years to come. For best results, your new roof should compliement your home's exterior.